I started practicing Karate in my mid-30s.  I had always been interested and had looked up, researched, and watched many videos about various arts and the style behind it.  I finally worked up the courage to start to train when my middle child started to take Shotokan.  A few week later I took the hardest step and walked into the dojo for my first class. 

I decided to open this dojo because during my journey I started to become frustrated and disillusioned about how Karate was being taught versus the language and attitudes of the various founders of Karate.  All of my research and the old texted showed  a very different approach and ideas.  Many of the self-defense techniques I was being taught didn't actually work when tried during training when you didn't have a willing participant.

I went online and found several others that were doing the same to bring back the original intention of Karate as a martial art for the purpose of self-protection.  I found the direction I wanted to go, and found others that felt the same way. That is why I opened this dojo.  To keep the spirit of karate alive.

"Karate is a way of life" was something I used to just joke at, but to my surprise it's quite true.  You learn in karate that you can accomplish goals you set in life, you endure difficulties in training, you improve your health both mentally and physically.

I want to keep the spirit of karate alive and want to build a community around the principles of inclusiveness.  Everyone can learn, so come learn with me.


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